We Can Help You Resolve Your Dispute

Posted on April 25, 2015 By Caleb

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Fair Treatment
Together at the mediation session, everyone has an equal chance to discuss the issues and air their views. This is an important step toward resolving the dispute.

Our charter is to make our services available to all those who need them. Our rates are low and well will not deny anyone our services because of their inability to pay.

Good Results
People are happier with solutions they work together to create. Mediation encourages cooperation and understanding, defines relationships, and helps build stronger relationships.

We are easy to contact and sessions will be scheduled at a convienient place and time, including nights and weekends. Disability access is availible.

The Minneapolis Mediation Program is made up of trained mediators who donate their skills and time of help solve conflicts that arise in our community. This level of committment helps insure good results.

Neutral Atmosphere
Our mediations take place in private in a convenient, non-threatening location, often in a library or park building in your neighborhood.

You Make The Agreement
The mediators do not decide which party or proposed soluition is right or wrong. Instead they assist everyone in reaching their own mutually acceptable agreement.

Trained Mediators
All our mediators are trained and experienced in mediation and have completed certified training under Minnesota Statutes 494.01 and 518.619. Our mediators come from a wide range of cultural, educational, and employment backgrounds.

We will schedule a mediation session as soon as you are ready, usually within a few days and most cases are settled in just one or two sessions.

Most Cases Reach Agreement
The Minneapolis Mediation Program has an outstanding record of helping people reach an agreement.

Mediations take place in private and are kept in the strictest confidence. Everyone involved agrees not to discuss the mediation outsde the sessions, unless otherwise agreed upon.